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Let us work for your brand within a budget and timeline to deliver a marketing strategy that will put you ahead of your competitors. Mango PR will coordinate and execute marketing material, advertising strategies and build your brand working with either our own or the client’s preferred suppliers to bring the vision to life..


Mango PR has a long and successful track record in handling local, national and international publicity. We provide full publicity service; campaign development, development of kits and media releases, media liaison, securing covers and editorial, interviews, features, reviews, lead-up and post-event coverage, media launches or stunts.


Mango PR understands how to make your event memorable, creating something that is unique to you and leaves a perminent imprint. We manage all events with the utmost attention to detail and creative flair. A launch, press conference, client event or brand activation. Mango PR has an extensive network of suppliers and partners, plus a valuable, qualified invitation lists, and an excellent reputation in this area.

Digital Marketing

Let us activate your brand in the digital landscape from social media management, brand ambassadors, influencers, mini bloggers and SEO. Turn likes into sales and ensure your brand is represented by people who know how important brand equity is for long term success.

About us

Giving Perth businesses a voice to stand out and tell their stories. What’s yours?

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It is an exciting time for businesses with so many opportunities to engage and connect with your audience and I must say, I don’t know a moment in my life when I haven’t wanted to connect by helping someone create something, a memory, a play, a dance recital, a film or a fantastic cut through marketing campaign.

People and creating have always been my reason for being and I have been blessed with the chance to always work in a field I truly love.

Over 20 years now I have worked in the Marketing and Public Relations industry in Perth and the South West. Working in radio, TV and Print. Advertising agencies as well as the fashion and beauty industry.

This has seen me working across many marketing platforms, delivering large to small scale campaigns designed to target hundreds of different audiences. I know what works and what doesn’t and I know how to make a brand pop. “Stand up, stand out and be brave doing it…. That will see you succeed”

As a mum of two beautiful boys I needed to find flexibility and that’s when Mango PR came alive. I hand pick my clients who align with my brand values, who believe in their brands whole heartedly and will do what needs to be done to make them stand out.

The best part of my job is getting to know you and your business, celebrating the wins together while conquering the challenges and planning for the future. I can’t wait to buy you a coffee and see how I can work with you to grow your business.

Remember, it only takes one seed to come to fruition…



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